For Doctors

United Mobile Anesthesia provides
anesthesia for all medical
and dental specialties.

The Benefits

Increased Revenue – Trend showing increased reimbursements by insurance companies across all specialties for procedures done in-office vs. hospital.

No Cost To You – We bring everything: Drugs, monitors, supplies, and equipment for a hospital-grade anesthesia experience.

Personalized Surgery Center – Transform your office into your personalized O.R. We bring hospital-grade anesthesia into your office.

Less Frustration And Increased Efficiency – No risk of case delays, long turnover times, scheduling conflicts, or commute delays.

Increased Patient Satisfaction – Patients are safely anesthetized and comfortable in the privacy of your office and without the added cost of facility fees.

We Take Care Of The Anesthesia Billing – We are more affordable than the competition.

Peace Of Mind – We are board-certified anesthesiologists, registered to provide office-based anesthesia. We have ACLS/PALS certification and all necessary emergency equipment and medications.

Eliminate Your Sedation Liability – We carry malpractice insurance coverage for all anesthesia related services.

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